AEROMAOZ high expertise in designing HMI control for airplanes cockpit and cabin can contribute to rail vehicles products , mainly in the operator or cockpit controls, and passenger access controls. For operators and passengers of trains, the key to an effective HMI System is consistent and predictable performance with time-proven controls that are familiar to multiple operators.

AEROMAOZ experience in developing rugged HMI control system in airplanes and heavy vehicle can be a benefit to any rail applications .

Train cockpit and passenger ergonomic factors like electromechanical component placement, writing size and color, illumination, travel force and tactile indicator.
Components like rockers, switches, push buttons and emergency stop switch, annunciators, indicators and displays had been provided by AEROMAOZ to many cockpits and cabins along the years. The goal in designing cockpit operator is to provide optimal usability, efficiency, and safety. Multiple sizes ,shapes, textures, and colors as well as variety of electromechanical components and read out are used to control different systems and to differentiate specific control functions .
HMI control are there to make the interaction between the locomotive operator and the equipment safer, easier, more intuitive, and productive.

The control panels have a unique pushbuttons that provides perfect tactile indication to the operator. The panles include annunciators and other alarm and status signals from a variety of subsystems, including: braking, propulsion, positive train control, surveillance, HVAC, sander systems

The reliability and dependability of the HMI Systems and Components is paramount as they will have to withstand years of repeated usage. AEROMAOZ is acting in the rugged HMI devices for more than 30 years, and its products were and still in service in airplanes, helicopters and heavy vehicles for many years all over the world and in a difficult condition. AEROMAOZ products are ideally suited for rail applications.