Agriculture Vehicles

Agricultural equipment such as tractors, combines ,harrows , plows, balers, box scrapers, loaders, sprayers , cultivators, harvesters must withstand rugged working conditions and harsh outdoor environments. HMI products must repeatedly function without failures that could cause injury or damage to crops.
AEROMAOZ products portfolio includes: Customizable panels, illuminated (suitable for daynight operation), buttons with Excellent tactile feedback – even when users wear gloves; Displays; Keypads; Joysticks. All products are dust and water proof and support IP65.

AEROMAOZ HMI products include control panels that have variety of HMI Components including pushbuttons, rotary and lever switches, E-Stops, and others. AEROMAOZ control panels and display will give your vehicle the look and feel of an airplane cockpit.

The reliability and dependability of the HMI Systems and Components is paramount as they will have to withstand years of repeated usage. AEROMAOZ is acting in the rugged HMI devices for more than 30 years, and its products were and still in service in airplanes, helicopters and heavy vehicles for many years all over the world and in a difficult condition. AEROMAOZ products are ideally suited for agricultural equipment applications.