Company profile

Aeromaoz develops, manufactures and markets ruggedized HMI and control system for Commercial & Military applications Aeromaoz is a world leader in ruggedized HMI and control system.

A multidisciplinary company, founded in 1980, is AS9100 and ISO9001 certified organization and well known for its high quality products.
Aeromaoz main product lines are ruggedized HMI and control system, illuminated panels and light solution, supporting aviation, ground and naval environments.

Products and services

AEROMAOZ Ltd., established in 1980, is a world renowned designer and manufacturer of illuminated display and control systems. Whether a simple bezel, a NVIS post light, a multi-functional display (MFD) bezel, or full night-vision cockpit conversions, AEROMAOZ products are being integrated with the equipment of organizations such as the USAF, US Navy, Israel Aircraft Industries, Boeing, Rockwell Collins, KAI and Elbit, to name a few.

Specializing in military and commercial applications, AEROMAOZ understands that the most important feature of any product is the operator’s level of efficiency and comfort with that product. With this in mind, AEROMAOZ design and engineering teams analyze the market requirements and, combined with their expertise in human-machine interface engineering, produce the highest quality product with the highest level of reliability.
AEROMAOZ Ltd., ISO 9001, AS9100 and US Government QPL (AS7788) certified, work with its customers from initial design and engineering stages, through prototype production and testing, final serial production, and in-house QC and environmental testing. AEROMAOZ has the knowledge and experience for the market illuminated control & display system needs – whether in the air (fixed wings and helicopters), on the ground (battle tanks, simulators, UAV control systems, etc.), or at sea (naval vessels, yachts, cruise ships, hovercrafts, etc.).