About Us

Aeromaoz develops, manufactures and markets ruggedized HMI and control systems for Commercial & Military applications. Aeromaoz is a world leader in ruggedized HMI and control systems.

A multidisciplinary company, founded in 1980, Aeromaoz is AS9100 and ISO9001 certified organization, and well known for its high quality products.

Aeromaoz’s main product lines are ruggedized HMI and control systems, illuminated panels, and light solutions, supporting aviation, ground and naval environments.

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Military Ground

Ground-based applications are designed to withstand dust, sun, vibration, shock, etc. MLRS stations have been...
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Military Air

As the skills of today's military pilot and the capabilities of today's military aircraft constantly grow, so does the need...
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Commercial Air

As commercial air systems become more sophisticated and demands on crew members increase, the need for ...
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Integrated panels
Illuminated panels
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Cabin light
Dome light
Utility light
Formation light
Navigation light
Search light
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NVIS upgrades

NVIS compatibility is one of the most crucial issues facing helicopter and military aircraft pilots today. Crew members equipped with Night Vision Goggles must be able to read their instruments without
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Design & Manufacturing

AEROMAOZ has the capability to take a project from initial design and engineering stages, through prototype production and testing, final serial production, and in-house QC and environmental testing.
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